Nana’s Tribe Foundation is actively seeking proposal from individuals, groups, students and non-profits for our Tribe is Born Service Project Award.


Nana’s Tribe Foundation brings seniors and youth together to eliminate isolation and bias through generational connections that fosters learning and inspires purpose. A Tribe is Born every time we courageously step into each other’s shoes and build inclusive relationships where everybody feels a sense of belonging. 

If you share our mission and believe in the value of creating generational relationships, we invite you to help advance this mission by designing an original intergenerational program or project idea that aims to eliminate isolation and age bias through generational connections that foster learning and inspire purpose.

Submission Guidelines: 

  • The program or project can be community based, celebratory or educational in design by: 

    – creating a new family and extending Nana’s Tribe 

    – reinforcing intergenerational connections 

    – Facilitating intergenerational communications 

    – Supporting generational learning through educational sessions 

  • Written proposals will be reviewed by Nana’s Tribe Board members—top projects/program submissions will be considered finalists and invited to present to a panel of judges. 
  • Finalists will be notified regarding the awards on the day of the presentation. 
  • Projects/programs will be funded up to $3,000
  • Money can NOT be used for operating cost for expenses which are related to the operations of a business, or to the operations of a device/ component, piece of equipment or facility, personal expenses or salary of employees.
  • Awards are offered as one-time funding
  • Winners are invited as guests to be honored at the annual fundraising Nana’s Tribe Chef’s Challenge Event each year.

Finalists will present to a panel of judges. Think Shark Tank format without the sharks! Judges will be comprised of community team members and Nana’s Tribe Board 

    – Participants will have between five and ten minutes to present their program/project to the panel through a virtual zoom platform

    – Presentations must include an overview, anticipated impact or outcomes, and budget information.

    – Presenters can use multimedia to share the vision. 

    – Presentations will be evaluated on the following: 

  • Innovation 
  • Alignment with Nana’s Tribe Mission 
  • Impact in creating a new family of intergenerational connections 
  • Sustainability of the project beyond its implementation

Priority will be given to projects that meet one or more of the following criteria: 

1. An original, innovative program idea that brings generations together, works to eliminate isolation, reduces bias associated with age, race, gender, culture or other dimensions of diversity.

2. Fosters learning through generational connections 

3. If a group or team is submitting a proposal, the group reflects diversity in age. If an individual or non-profit is submitting a proposal, the target audience for the project or program should reflect age diversity. 

4. Enhances or strengthens intergenerational relationships through building trusting relationships. 

5. Includes opportunities for participants to reflect and share their experiences in creating generational relationships.

6. Describes a plan for how the program/project may be sustained


Feel free to contact us to find out more how you can be a part of Nana’s Tribe Foundation.

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