Nana’s Tribe Impact Award honors individuals or organizations who are creating and nurturing generational relationships and making an impact.

We are now accepting Nominations for

Nana’s Tribe Impact Award 2020!

The winner of the Impact Award 2019 was three young men from Alabama. These young men received national attention for their simple act of kindness one evening in a barbeque restaurant. The three friends were eating and noticed an elderly woman eating along. They asked if they could join her.  

This simple gesture crossed racial, gender and generational boundaries and sparked a national conversation about how a simple act of kindness can have such a big impact. We flew these three young men here to Cleveland to honor them at our annual fundraising event, Nana’s Tribe Chef’s Challenge.

It is time again to recognize those who are making a difference. If you know a person or organization that is bringing generations together to develop meaningful relationships and conversations that are leaving a big impact, we want to hear about it.

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